Amazing Numbers in Biology by Rainer Flindt, N. Solomon

By Rainer Flindt, N. Solomon

"This publication becomes ragged with use....A labour of affection and directory. impressive Numbers is best than googling, since it has a wise index and also you wouldn't have to plow through a complete load of irrelevance to get what you will want. it is also logically divided into such sections as 'Size', 'Blood' and 'Germination', and, simply if you ever are looking to payment, the entire evidence are referenced. A caution notwithstanding -- this addictive e-book will retain you soaking up atypical little evidence: dimensions of a bread mould's mitochondria anyone?"

-- BBC Wildlife

With enormous quantities of tables and over 10,000 entries someone who works or stories within the existence sciences or people with a curious brain will locate detailed solutions to many questions requiring comparative info. This publication is a essentially laid out presentation of the apparent proof of lifestyles from all components of biology. Biology comes alive during the evidence present in this accomplished reference work.

Warning: anyone who begins to flick thru this ebook won't simply cease reading!

From the studies of the former versions:

"A needs to, not just for everybody attracted to biology but in addition for all mom and dad .. `Hey mother, how lengthy does an XX live?´, or as supplementary fabric for common schooling .." Biotec

"For a long time the e-book .. belongs to the essential instruments of collage academics and academics within the biosciences. but additionally biology lecturers will locate stimulating rules for his or her classes .." Annals of Anatomy

"Facts and figures that not just tell but in addition entertain .." Focus

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9. Listed according to increasing surface load. After Oppenheimer and Pincussen 1925 Species Weight (g) Surface (cm2) Surface load (cN/cm2) Green lacewing Small white (butterfly) Small tortoiseshell Swallowtail butterfly Damselfly Mayfly (Ephemera) Midge (Chironomus) Hummingbird hawk-moth Ladybug Dragonfly (L. 10. 6. 7. 9. Listed in descending order according to surface area. As a point of comparison: gliders have a surface load of 25 N/m2. 10: Maximum Speeds of Selected Animals All figures are in kilometers per hour.

5. 5: Relative Intestinal Length of Selected Animals Numbers indicate relation of intestinal length (IL) to body length (BL) (how many times longer the intestine is than the body). 4. Among the herbivores (long intestines) and carnivores (short intestines), respectively, the intestines of smaller animals are relatively longer than those of their larger counterparts. The sperm whale represents an exception to this pattern among whales, probably due to its feeding on octopus and squid. 6: Proportion of the Total Volume of the Intestinal Tract Made Up by Stomach, Small Intestine, and Appendix in Selected Mammals Figures represent percentages (%) of total volume.

Listed here in ascending order, according to speed. 13: Flight Distances During Bird Migration The figures represent an outbound or return flight, which means that the annual distance flown is twice as far. 12. Listed according to distance covered. 14: Migratory Times of Selected Birds Native to Germany Roman numerals are used to indicate the months. The Arabic numbers 1, 2, and 3 after the slash stand for the first, second, and third “third” of the month. 0: Numbers that Amaze This table brings together interesting figures from the Sects.

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