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Advances in Protein Chemistry, 3


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40), from lyeine is indicated by the capacity of lysine to replece GL or AS in the convmion of citrulline to arginine ( B o d and Dubnoff, 17). Cysteic acid, a further dibseic acid active in transaminstion, ia a physiologicalintermediate in the oxidation of cyatine. PU is a product of the anoxidative cleavage of cysteine (14,150) and of nerine (14,s). In Fig. 2 a scheme is given for the genetic interrelations of amino acids, converging toward components of the dicarboxylic acid system. The acheme includes all amino acids with the exception of valine, leucine and isoleucine, capable of slow traneamination, and of glycine and tryptophan, which are catabolized by independent pathways.

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