Adhesion in Biological Systems by Richard S. Manly

By Richard S. Manly

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A major change occurred for adhesion to the glass surfaces which suggests the lowering of the glass surface energy by adsorption of protein from the serum. In addition, it was observed that the presence of protein in the cell-suspending medium roughly equalized the cell adhesion and spreading on surfaces as intrinsically different as Teflon and glass (L. Weiss and Blumenson, 1967). , 1966). Rappaport and colleagues (1960) hypothesized that the primary function of the serum in cell culture media was to modify the surface properties of the substrates, usually glass, by their adsorption at the solid-liquid interface.

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Similar contradictory requirements have arisen in fabric finishing technology, for instance, where soil repellency is desired to keep fabrics clean, but water compatibility is desired to encourage efficient laundering once soiled, although water repellency and soil repellency seem to be necessarily coupled. , 1969), however, which can change their configuration to present the most desired outermost chemical groupings for meeting these disparate environmental requirements. , 1968). We cannot evaluate this suggestion until more experimental measurements are made.

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